VirtualDOM, Components, JSX, Props, States, Hooks, Side Effects, PropTypes, Data and Event Flow, Conditional rendering, React App Optimization

React JS is the most popular JavaScript Library for front-end development. It makes it easy to build Web UIs with less complexity, bypassing the direct manipulation of the DOM by the developers on their own. React’s speedy DOM manipulation (due to virtual DOM concept) and outcomes-based UI language (i.e. When…

Data Types, Event Loop, Try…Catch, Coding Style, Comment, Caching, Arrow Function, Block Binding, Spread Operator, Function Default Parameter

Data Types

JavaScript has total nine types of data or you may say values in two major categories. The primitive types and the Objects and Functions. Primitive types are values which we can use only not modify them. …

A List of String, Number, Math and Array Methods

includes(): This method is used to determine whether a search string is present in a given string and returns true if found and false if not. The includes() is a case sensitive method.

var str = “Hello world, from the medium blog.”;
var n = str.includes(“medium”);
console.log(n) // the output is 'true'

Muhammad Rabiul Alam

I am a Front-End Developer. I love to work with JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, React Native and other front-end and/or JavaScript based technologies.

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